Content Coms Analyses BIFM Sustainability in Facilities Management Report 2015

By Becky Woodington

BIFM has launched its 9th annual Sustainability in Facilities Management Survey  which looks at the way businesses are engaging in sustainability.

The sustainability survey 2015 collected over 300 respondents and compared the progress of FM professionals engaging in sustainability from previous years. Since the launch of the project 9 years ago, it has seen a steady increase in the number of drivers behind the sustainability agenda in business.

Top 5 report conclusions

  • The number and types of sustainability drivers has increased over the past 9 years with legislation being the top driver for businesses to implement and manage sustainability polices.
  • Barriers to sustainability effectiveness were shown to be physical barriers and customer barriers in 2014.
  • However in 2015, every single factor scored 50% or above with businesses as being a barrier to sustainability success (see figure 5)
graph 3
Figure 5. Barriers to Sustainability Effectiveness 2007 – 2015.










  • Additionally, the report has indicated a drop by 20% in businesses being able to implement and manage sustainability policies (see figure 6).
Figure 6. Sustainability Effectiveness 2007 – 2015.










  • The report has also showed that level of importance of sustainability is viewed greater by executive management at 81% compared to middle managers/front line managers/staff at 60% .



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