Bristol PR agency Content Coms and VisionReel present: 24 key facts about web video

webvideoBristol PR agency Content Communications’ partner company, VisionReel has produced an essential new guide to understanding the potential of web video.

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‘24 Key Facts Marketing Managers Need to Know About Web Video’, which is available to download for free, provides insight into what is fast becoming an important mode of talking to customers and stakeholders. The guide has been designed to give managers the information they need to quickly assess the value of web video in their marketing programmes.

The guide includes:

  • Facts and figures demonstrating the power and uptake of web video.
  • Ideas about how web video be used to support your marketing activity.
  • Hints and tips to help you begin to use web video.

Joanna Watchman, Managing Director of Bristol-based PR firm Content Coms, comments: “Web video is growing in popularity and, in reflection of this fact, Content Coms is increasingly helping organisations to structure and shape the messages they want to include in their videos. Though web video many seem to fall outside of our remit, unlike many PR companies, we recognise that it should, in fact, be treated as just another channel through which to communicate.

“We work with VisionReel to write video scripts for our clients and use our expertise to ensure that the right story is being told in every frame. As VisionReel’s new guide shows, web video has become a marketing tool that is hard to ignore.”

Find out more about our partnership with VisionReel.

Download the guide: 24 Key Facts Marketing Managers Need to Know About Web Video

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