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Due to constant cost pressures and close project scrutiny, many new building and building retrofit schemes are being forced to seek out innovative ways of meeting budget without detriment to completion schedules. Anders Norén, Managing Director at Priva Building Intelligence Ltd advises on how to cut project costs in the new issue of Building Services and Environmental Engineer (BSEE).

One of the most targeted methods is to look at the reduction of commissioning times for key technologies such as building management systems (BMS). System integrators or control specialists who are contracted to supply the BMS use a considerable part of the project time to engineer and commission the control system. Typically, the BMS software development is carried out off-site, with engineers re-creating most of the required applications every time. In addition, most systems cannot be fully tested in simulation mode before it reaches site, and problems cannot be anticipated ahead of time. However, genuine market differentiation comes with systems that simplify the processes of programming, engineering, installation and commissioning. To do this, systems such as those developed by Priva, offer a Windows-based engineering environment and application engine which enable the control specialists to complete these processes in significantly less time than more conventional systems.

Despite many building projects falling behind schedule, a common theme is that completion/opening dates rarely move. With BMS commissioning typically being one of the last operations, it is this that frequently gets squeezed. With this in mind, innovative BMS software that eases and shortens the commissioning period is proving more valuable than ever.

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