Content Coms shows its support for Global Entrepreneurship Week

Content Coms is supporting a global initiative which will see 125 countries celebrate and embrace entrepreneurship. Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is the catalyst for over 35,000 events that will encourage self-starters and innovators start their own businesses. GEW will  also provide support and guidance for all budding entrepreneurs keen to become start-up successes.

Now in its eleventh year, Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) is a worldwide campaign that celebrates all aspects of entrepreneurship and supports budding innovators at every stage of their entrepreneurial journey to get the help they need.

From the 14th-20th November, GEW will inspire potential self-starters and innovators across the globe through large-scale networking events to connect participants to potential collaborators and investors, introducing them to world of new possibilities and exciting business opportunities.

Last year the success of GEW saw over 500 organisations in the UK host around 2,500 events that reached approximately 340,000 budding entrepreneurs across the nation. Now back for another year, GEW hopes to inspire more entrepreneurs to set up their own businesses with support from numerous nationwide partners including The Peter Jones Foundation .

Entrepreneurial Approaches to Growth

As a business that nurtures entrepreneurial approaches to growth, here at Content Coms we are supportive of the aims of GEW 2016. As well as being a great example of entrepreneurship in action, since our foundation in 2009, we have been committed to building the businesses of tomorrow by supporting, mentoring and nourishing young raw talent. In our own way, we’ve helped a handful of aspiring start-up businesses to reverse the trend that sees only 5 per cent of fledgling businesses succeed.

Get involved

For more information about how to become a start-up success visit the Global Entrepreneurship Week website here.

Alternatively, keep an eye out for the numerous Global Entrepreneurship Week events taking place in a city near you between 14th-20th of November. Visit here for more details.

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