Bristol PR firm Content Coms sponsors Bristol artistic community

Bristol PR firm Content Communications is supporting the artists in its local area by sponsoring the Jamaica Street Artists’ Open Studio event, which will be held on 22–24 July 2011.

Jamaica Street Artists (JSA) Studio in Bristol is one of the largest artist-led studios outside of London, representing a diverse collective of cutting edge fine artists, illustrators and filmmakers. One of JSA’s notable members is fine artist and graphic designer, Onela Keal, who produced the original artwork featured on the Content Coms website.

JSA will be holding its annual Open Studio event on 22–24 July. This is a chance for members of the public to visit JSA’s striking art studio space and meet the artists involved. Last year’s event attracted more than 2,000 visitors, and this year, JSA anticipates an even greater crowd, as a result of its collaboration with Stroud Valley Arts and a string of successful high profile events throughout 2011.

“At Content Coms, we’re proud to be based in Bristol. Not only is it an important low-carbon centre, but it’s also home to a vibrant artistic community – one which remains sadly underfunded,” comments Joanna Watchman, Managing Director of PR firm Content Coms. “For this reason, we’re lending our sponsorship to the Jamaica Street Artists’ Open Studio event, which is set to be a showcase for incredible local talent.”

Find out more about Jamaica Street Artists.

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