Content Coms welcomes £191M boost for South West business

The South West will claim £191 million in Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) support from Philip Hammond, following the Chancellor’s Autumn Budget statement.

The move will deliver rapid, sustainable growth to the local area, already recognised as a hub for green, low carbon business.

The cash comes as part of an overall £1.8 billion to Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) across England through a third round of Growth Deals. Innovation is one of the key targets for the money, which places it ideally to further expand the region’s burgeoning green technology sector.

South West is best

“Here in the South West, green business has long been the order of the day,” comments Joanna Watchman, Founder and Managing Director, Content Coms.

“It’s one of the main reasons I established our business here. As a low carbon communications specialist, we thrive on the service, contacts and the networking we can achieve in Bristol, Bath and Wiltshire.

“But cash is not the only thing that grows sustainable business. In addition to the welcome support from Philip Hammond upfront, I am keen to see the local region engage in a meaningful debate on how we can best utilise the sector’s expertise, and take our place at the forefront of the global green revolution.”

Tax wins and emphasis on simple things

Joanna Watchman believes that the £191 million, in addition to the Autumn Statement corporation tax changes, will catalyse South West business, but her experience shows the value of simpler truths.

“In any region, you need networking, knowledge sharing and cooperation to achieve scalable benefits,” she argues.

“Then, when best practice is shared, the fantastic new technologies being delivered are communicated to the market. The opportunities are more visible, the jobs are better created.

“At Content Coms, our role is to offer communications expertise to green businesses. But by so doing we learn a vast amount in house.

“Of all the things I’ve discovered, the value of regional business pulling together is among the most crucial. As such Content Coms stands ready to lead and strategise the regional shift to sustainability, by helping all the players out there talk together.

“When that happens, truly great, sustainable regional business is built.”


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