Content Coms welcomes Salix’s new round of funding for colleges

Content Coms welcomes news from Salix Finance that a new round of funding is to be launched for further education colleges.

The last funding round saw 24 colleges apply for projects ranging from £6,000, to £793,000, with a diverse mix of technologies. Applications ranged from energy efficient hand driers to LED lighting upgrades and Combined Heat and Power units, predicted to create significant carbon savings over the lifetime of the projects.

The news will also be welcomed by many of Content Coms’ energy efficient technology clients – many of whom see such funding streams as a positive stimulus for the market.

Programme Eligibility

Any FE College who receives the majority of their income directly from the public sector can apply for funding (6th form colleges eligible).

Project Compliance Criteria

  • A maximum 5 year payback period
  • Less than £100 per tonne of CO2 over the lifetime of the project
  • Projects over £100,000 require a Salix Business Case

The loan will be paid back to Salix directly by direct debit on a 6 monthly basis over a period of 4 years. To download a full copy of the FE college application notes, please click here.

Driving sales opportunity

To find out how your business can turn market interventions and funding streams into sales opportunities, drop us a line.

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