Dark horizons? Or new beginnings? Brexit; the Content Coms analysis

At Content Coms, we like to offer our views on anything and everything that affects our industry. And, today’s big news is no exception. Here, our very own ‘Mr Policy’, Giles Crosse seeks to unravel the future outside Europe.

David Cameron has resigned, Sterling has collapsed and Britain has voted to leave the EU.

The UK’s AAA credit rating looks set to be withdrawn, and a Brexit-led recession, at least in the short term, appears almost certain.

On these criteria, Brexit has to be judged a mistake. Any longer term future remains unknown, and that’s precisely what the vote was; a step into the unknown.

The question for low carbon businesses is now what can be done to manage the situation. Political uncertainty seems inevitable until October, by which time Cameron will step down and a new Prime Minister will manage the future.

Scotland may yet quit the Union, Ireland’s response is uncertain. Wholesale change is at hand, for the British Isles and the EU, itself now under massive pressure from within.

Parliament vs the people; the secret to a manageable Brexit?

The BBC writes; ‘The majority of the UK’s 650 MPs are in favour of Britain staying in the EU, and while they will have to respect the will of the British people, they will not be silent bystanders.’

This, perhaps more than any other element, could determine the true fallout of Brexit.

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