Environmental marketing firm highlights growing interest in low-carbon economy

Some of the UK’s biggest businesses have combined forces to launch a new campaign to address the “social and environmental challenges of our time.”

441570_mThe initiative, entitled ‘An Economy That Works’, is based on the findings of a major report and argues that the UK needs a low-carbon economy. It suggests that this can deliver high employment and equality of opportunity, as well as prioritise human wellbeing and responsible management of natural resources.

The organisations involved include major firms such as Aviva Investors, BT, Nestle, Sky and Kingfisher and have a collective turnover of over £280bn. Content Communications, an environmental PR expert, welcomes this new coalition and agrees that a shift to a low-carbon economy is the way forward.

Joanna Watchman, Managing Director at the B2B marketing firm, says: “As a low carbon PR specialist, we have seen the incredible growth of the sector over the last five years. Consumers and businesses alike are increasingly interested in goods and services that are sustainable and people-friendly.”

She adds: “UK firms need to pay attention to this important market driver and ensure that they effectively communicate the environmental and social benefits of their products. Techniques such as content marketing are particularly well-suited to this.”

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