Government unveils plans to close coal plants by 2025

Source: H&V News

Energy secretary Amber Rudd has revealed plans to close coal plants by 2025 and restrict the fuel’s use by 2023, while announcing a new energy strategy.

Ms Rudd said the most cost-effective contribution the government can make to emission reductions in electricity is by replacing coal-fired power stations with gas – but added that the government will only proceed if it are confident that the shift can be achieved within these timescales.

As the UK currently imports around half of its gas needs, Ms Rudd said the government was encouraging investment in shale gas exploration to add new sources of home-grown supply.

Plans for a new fleet of nuclear power stations were also mentioned by Ms Rudd, who said this could provide up to 30% of the low-carbon electricity that the country is likely to need through the 2030s.

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