Green tech & Solar PR agency emphasises role of green-tech for carbon reduction

Sir David King, the Foreign Office’s special representative for climate change, has stated that green technology should be as much a focus of tackling climate change as United Nations negotiations.

While all eyes are on the agreements due to emerge from the climate talks in Paris later this year, Sir David suggested that the UK also needs to think about what ‘the technological revolution is going to bring us.’

Using the latest biofuels technology as an example, he highlighted the potential of global application of these products as ‘massive’. Content Communications, a green-tech marketing firm specialising in solar PR, agrees that carbon reduction requires a multi-angled approach.

Joanna Watchman, Managing Director at the content marketing firm in Bristol, says: “Global agreements to reduce carbon emissions are vital. But we also need to be promoting and encouraging the development and use of products that will allow us to meet these targets.”

She adds: “Energy-efficient technologies and other green-tech products enable significant carbon and financial savings for consumers and businesses alike. As a low-carbon PR specialist, we expect to see increasing interest in these as the UK is expected to slash its carbon emissions.”

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