Introducing Ben Creeth: Investigating barriers to net zero in the built environment

We are thrilled to welcome Ben Creeth to the Content Coms team as he undertakes the research project element of his degree. Ben is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Climate Change at the University of Bristol. He is the latest in a line of bright, young minds from the University of Bristol who have joined us at Content Coms to gain industry experience.

Ben joins us to delve into a critical research project that will inform his dissertation and MSc research – investigating the barriers that companies in the built environment sector face in achieving net zero.

To support his research, Ben has developed a concise 4 minute survey targeted at companies within the built environment sector. 

We encourage all our built environment friends, clients, and colleagues to participate in this survey – which you can find here!

The benefits of academic partnerships

At Content Coms, we feel it is incredibly important to listen to new voices and embrace young visions. Engaging with young professionals like Ben allows us to continually evolve and adapt, ensuring that our strategies and solutions remain relevant and impactful. By valuing the insights of the next generation, we strengthen our commitment to creating a sustainable future through effective communication and collaboration.

We are loving Ben’s presence and want to thank the University of Bristol for connecting with us to integrate fresh perspectives into our operations. Work placements like these are brilliant for providing students with practical experience and real-world insights, bridging the gap between academic studies and professional careers.

We are proud to support the next generation of professionals who are dedicated to driving positive change in the built environment and beyond.

Welcome aboard, Ben! We are excited to see the impact your work will have.

Click here to take Ben’s survey

I’m thrilled to be working with Content Coms to research how we might encourage the built environment sector towards a greener future. Especially as a young person, I think it’s vital that we live and work in built environments which are sustainable and healthy – from my first house to my career workplaces, the quality of the buildings I inhabit will have a profound impact on my life, in a climate which is rapidly changing.

“I hope that this project will not only offer some insight into the difficulties that many companies face in decarbonising but will also give me valuable insights into the work of a leading communications agency. Working with Content Coms has already enhanced the quality of my project through their thorough knowledge of the sector and their established platform from which to pursue my research.” – Ben

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