Marriott hotels using energy demand reduction to cut carbon footprint

Source: The Guardian

The Marriot hotel chain has adopted a new demand-response program to save money and improve their green credentials.

At their hotel near Regent’s Park in London, everything from the air conditioning in the lounge to the ice coolers in the corridors and the fridges in the kitchens can be turned down at a moment’s notice if the national electricity system requires.

It is all triggered via an automated signal to a set top box installed by local technology company, KiWi Power.
This means the Marriott chain is permanently on stand-by to help cut its power, but believes it can do so without customers noticing.

“We were the first UK hotel company to embrace demand response,” explains John Conlon, senior director facilities and project management for Marriott International Europe.

“We plan to get all our eligible UK hotels on to the programme and maximise the reduction this year.”

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