‘More efficient’ way of scrubbing CO2 from power plant emissions

Scientists in the United States claim they have found a more efficient way to remove carbon dioxide from power plant emissions, writes Energy Live News.

Capturing the carbon released when burning fossil fuels has become a holy grail for some who see CCS technology as a way for nations to continue using older power stations until renewable energy sources become cheaper and more widespread.

Now researchers at MIT claim to have come up with a simpler way of “scrubbing” CO2 from emissions which doesn’t need the “complex plumbing” used by many CCS techniques being developed.

They say their system doesn’t just divert the steam from a power plant and use heat from this steam to force the particles to separate.

Instead an electrochemical process replaces the steam-based separation of amines and CO2. The system only needs electricity, which they say means it could easily be added to an existing plant as a “plug-and-play” CCS extra.

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