Technology marketing agency helps client enhance online profile of its key product

Content Coms has utilised search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques to greatly enhance the online presence of one of its client’s key products – the Save It Easy (adapter) from energy efficient technologiesLED upgrades and LED lighting for schools firm the Energys Group.

Before SEO techniques were used most visitors came to the Save It Easy website through a paid-for Google Adwords campaign. The product was barely visible in organic Google rankings.

The SEO campaign…

The first step was to find the searches – relating to product – that people were typing into Google. “T5 converter” “T5 adapter” and “T5 retrofit” were found to be the most popular with hundreds searching for these terms each week.

The next stage was to optimise certain pages of the Save It Easy website to target these search terms. This was achieved by changing the title and page description, shoe-horning keywords into the main text and adding links.

The results…

Some three months in and the Save It Easy website ranks at the very top of Google for “T5 converter”, “T5 adapter”, “T5 retrofit” and “T5 conversions for offices“.

Subsequently visits to the Save It Easy site have increased and the Save It Easy product is much more visible on Google and other search engines including Bing and Yahoo.

Online content specialist Matthew Hyde commented: “A good SEO campaign is perhaps the most simple and effective way to enhance the online profile of a company and their services.”

“It’s great to see such results and so quickly for the Save It Easy product.”

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