Technology marketing firm highlights green building benefits for health and wellbeing

A recent webinar has outlined how low-carbon healthy buildings can boost employee health, wellbeing and productivity as well as reduce building running costs.

Research suggests that improvements such as better insulation, double glazing and more efficient boilers can have noticeable effects on office workers – increasing productivity and minimising sick days.

Sustainability professionals have called for businesses to consider the positive implications of these findings – both for their running costs and staff wellbeing. Content Communications, a technology PR specialist, suggests that this is a fantastic opportunity for green-tech firms to boost their sales.

Joanna Watchman, Managing Director at the technology marketing firm, says: “As approximately 90% of business operating costs come from staff expenditure, it seems sensible for energy-efficient tech firms to clearly communicate how their products can minimise these.”

She adds: “This is, of course, on top of the significant financial savings they can expect from reductions in energy use! As an energy marketing expert, we can see how this would make a very compelling case for energy-efficient upgrades.”

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