The Big Biomass workshops to deliver ‘essential guidance’ to installer community

From August 13, 2015, a series of Big Biomass workshops will travel the UK.

The events, organised by Content Coms client Zero Carbon Future, will introduce delegates to the fast changing biomass landscape. The Zero team will deliver essential strategies and guidance to the installer community on how to prepare and adapt business for the future.

Why attendance is key

Hosted by Finian Parrick, Managing Director of Zero.

The UK biomass industry is changing. Government policy is shifting fast. Attendance at these workshops is crucial for any biomass installer needing clarity on how to work and profit within this fast-moving arena.

Zero is one of Europe’s most respected suppliers of professional turnkey biomass solutions and equipment. Hosted by Finian Parrick, Managing Director of Zero, the workshops will help installers, directors and senior managers deliver bespoke, intelligent strategies to maximise growth and installation uptake.

In addition, expert speakers will provide a range of business tools to help delegates adapt their business for optimal success in the future.

Updates on policy

Crucially, the events will include an update on recent DECC policy announcements. Don’t miss your opportunity to learn how and why you must adapt to today’s shifting policies.

“We want these workshops to give the sector the tools it needs to deliver even more installations in the next few years,” said Finian Parrick, Managing Director of Zero.

“But changing DECC policy has confused and worried lots of installers. We want to reassure them that with the right approach, they can not only weather the DECC changes; they can profit.”  

Where to attend?

The workshops take place from August 13 to August 26. Use the following links to book at the event nearest you: Warrington, Ipswich, Tewkesbury, Exeter, Stirling and Harrogate.

Alternatively call 0845 1200 700 to book tickets

Tickets are priced at £75.00 per person (ex. VAT). This includes a £250 voucher towards your next order for a 200kW+ boiler or a CHP unit.

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