A bee hovers over a purple flower waiting for the right moment to land. The bright colours of the green and purple plant set the seen for a sunny spring day.

We’re supporting 30 Days Wild: 9 ways to bring more nature into your workday

In a digital landscape filled with screens during the working day and smart phones at all hours, how often do you find yourself intentionally spending time in nature? This is one of the key questions 30 Days Wild is looking at. It’s a Wildlife Trusts initiative that aims to get us back in touch with our wild sides. As a sustainability focused agency, Content Coms is thrilled to be taking part.

Located within 32 acres of Wiltshire countryside, our office overlooks an entirely green vista: pastures of grazing sheep, a small pond filled with reeds, and a borderline of trees to frame the view. That being said, we are a comms agency, so most of our working world is made up of computer screens. We know most of our clients and friends are living in the same world, making it easy to overlook the nature all around us.

That’s why we love the concept of 30 Days Wild – to explore the wonders of nature, and hopefully encourage others to join us on our journey! We are also long-time corporate supporters of the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, an important element of our impact on the environment and local community. So, this initiative is close to our hearts.

Looking across the field to our office in Wiltshire, image courtesy of Glove Factory Studios

What is 30 Days Wild?

30 Days Wild is The Wildlife Trusts’ annual challenge event, where everyone involved does one wild thing a day throughout the month of June. This can be as simple as sitting in the park on your lunch break or elaborate as planning a camping trip for the weekend. We all connect with nature in different ways – so make it personal to you!

As well as reigniting an awareness of the natural world around us, 30 Days Wild helps to strike a better balance in the areas of health and wellbeing. Even a 20-minute nature break can help lower cortisol levels, a harmful hormone which is often a biproduct of stress and anxiety we face throughout the workday.

Can my business also participate in 30 Days Wild?

There’s no fee to sign up and participate, so everyone from individuals to schools to businesses are welcome to join. The 30 Days Wild website offers a load of resources, from a free inspiration pack in the post to a calendar with ideas for every day.

Here at Content Coms, our team kicked off the month with some mindful time in nature: Jo spent the weekend tending to her garden and Sian headed to our nearest beach to do a beach clean.

Ideas for 30 Days Wild

The possibilities of how to spend time in nature are endless, but here are a few ideas to help you get started.

  • Work from your garden or at a table outside
  • Host a meeting outside
  • Only have 5 minutes? Take a break and listen to a nature soundscape recording
  • Try to eat a veggie or vegan diet for a day
  • Work in the city? Find your nearest fountain or local park
  • Cycle to work
  • Spend some time in the garden – or start one!
  • Host a team day at your local National Trust site
  • Writer’s block? Give forest bathing a go to clear the mind

For a comprehensive list to help guide your organisation, download a 30 day calendar for an idea every single day, with themes running throughout each week.

Looking at the bigger picture

While this challenge runs throughout June, our intentional appreciation of and connection with nature shouldn’t end there. This month can help us all check in and look at the bigger picture: every action we take, both personally and in business, has an impact on the nature around us. The more awareness we have, the better choices we can make.

For us, that means working with purpose-lead brands and taking local action, like supporting the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust. This looks different for everyone, but it’s amazing initiatives like 30 Days Wild that keep the positive momentum going.

We hope you join us getting in wilder this month.

Want more insight on how we’re strengthening our commitment to balancing profit with purpose? Check out our impacts page.

Sophie Crossley
Sophie Crossley