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Powerful marketing ideas for cleantech and energy innovators: our latest Little Book

It’s never been harder to get attention. As marketers working in the space for 30-plus years, we’ve seen the cleantech industry blow up with emerging, challenger and established brands – all after the same slice of the customer pie. That’s why we’re bringing you our Little Book of Powerful Marketing Ideas for Cleantech and Energy Innovators to help you cut through the noise. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or a CEO trying to reach new customers or investors, it’s designed to help.

Launched just before our team exhibited at the 2024 All-Energy conference, this Little Book is filled with quick-wins, fresh ideas, and actions to help you on your way.

You will learn how to:

  • Get your voice heard above the rest
  • Speak “customer”
  • Navigate greenwash when communicating
  • Keep leads warm
  • Tap into customer motivations and pain points
  • Instil customer confidence in your offer

Learn our golden rules for powerful low carbon communications

That’s right, we’re giving our key trade secrets away. But why? As a purpose-driven organisation, we know that knowledge is power and it’s essential for the transition to net zero. For anyone trying to build a brand in the sustainable tech space, this book is for you.

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