90% of UK firms ‘don’t plan towards low carbon economy’

Source: Energy Live News

Nine out of 10 UK businesses have not adapted their plans towards a low carbon economy.

That’s according to new research by Aston University.

The study found business leaders “are struggling to adapt to a greener economy, despite their ongoing obligations to do so”.

It adds more than a third (38%) of business leaders say “they do not see climate change and the transition to a low carbon economy as a concern” while another 41% see it as just a “minor concern”.

Despite 66% of bosses believing their firm has a responsibility to do something about climate change and support the transition to a low carbon economy, only 7% have adapted their corporate strategy and future plans to accommodate the issue, the report claims.

It went on to say a further 16% “have plans to make significant changes” while 32% say their business “is not adapting its plans at all”.

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