B2B industry marketing expert emphasises importance of sustainable business practices

According to a report released by the British Standards Institute (BSI), more than two-thirds of firms say that sustainability is a key driver for growth. 839339_ml 123RF

This research, conducted in partnership with a leading sustainability analyst, was designed to identify how the challenge of sustainable development is being addressed by businesses. The overall picture is positive, with 81% of respondents stating that they have more than five staff members dedicated to sustainability at a management level.

Furthermore, 100% of respondents revealed that they planned to publish a sustainability report in 2014. Content Communications, a low-carbon marketing specialist, sees this growth in sustainability engagement as a unique opportunity for existing low-carbon suppliers.

Joanna Watchman, Managing Director at the energy PR firm, Content Coms, says: “The sale of energy-saving technologies is only going to grow, especially as more companies recognise the associated reduced operating costs.”

She adds: “As providers of B2B industry marketing expertise to the low-carbon sector, we know it’s vital that green-tech firms ensure they are effectively communicating the benefits of their products in order to tap into this rapidly-expanding market. “

Content Coms
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