B2B industry PR firm highlights rise of sustainability at UK universities

A study conducted by People and Planet has found that more than half of all university senior management teams now get an update on environmental policy performance in their annual report.

iStock_000017197889_MediumThe research also found that 44% of all UK universities show a commitment to putting sustainable development into all aspects of teaching and learning. This has led People and Planet, a student-led network, to praise the national progress on environmental awareness.

This report also ranked universities on their “green” performance, with Plymouth University topping the league table. Content Communications, a B2B low-carbon PR expert, is always pleased to see large institutions embracing sustainability as a core policy.

Joanna Watchman, Managing Director at the industry PR firm, says: “It’s fantastic that sustainability is being considered at all levels of higher education – from students to senior management.”

She adds: “As an industrial PR specialist, we advise companies in the low carbon sector to look out for the opportunities that this provides. More and more universities and other higher education facilities are going to be looking for energy-efficient technologies and solutions.”

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