Content Coms explains: Bloomberg Energy Efficiency Trends Q2: 16 things you need to know

This week the latest edition of the UK Energy Efficiency Trends (Vol.24) has been released by Bloomberg and EEVS Insight.

The report offers essential insight for consumers and suppliers of non-domestic energy efficiency in the U.K.

Based on a survey of 67 UK based respondents (36 consumer organisations and 31 energy suppliers), the report provides key insights into energy efficiency during the second quarter of 2018.

The overall sentiment is positive from suppliers, who report increases in orders.

And while smart building technologies took the lead in the previous quarter, Q2 has seen a surge in building energy management systems (BEMS).

We’ve selected sixteen outtakes from the report that you need to know:

  1. Over half of energy suppliers consider the current energy efficiency policy framework ineffective
  2. Less than 20% of suppliers consider the UK government to effectively managing the wider economy
  3. 40% of suppliers reported price increases in Q2, the most since the survey began in 2012
  4. In terms of energy efficiency projects, Q2 has seen the first increase in commissioned or plans to commission energy efficiency projects since Q3 of 2016
  5. Lighting still leads energy efficiency technologies, however is down on its quarterly average
  6. Lighting controls has also declined in the overall percentage of uptake in Q2
  7. Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) is now being commissioned by more than 60% of respondents – around 20% more than average
  8. BEMS uptake has now seen growth for the last two quarters and if this growth continues it could overtake lighting as the leading energy efficiency project
  9. Boiler controls / optimization have also seen an increase on its quarterly average
  10. 42% of spend on energy efficiency plans is from large scale projects (£500k+)
  11. Customers now expect to see return on investment within four years – surprising when energy prices have been increasing and return on larger projects tends to be longer
  12. 60% of customers use reporting to demonstrate their return on investment
  13. In terms of energy efficiency projects by property types, office space continues to lead the way (27%)
  14. Notably, leisure/sports centres (9%) and hospitals 6%) have seen an increase in projects on the previous 4 quarters
  15. In terms of financing projects, in-house finance is still the leader and has increased for the first time since Q2 2017
  16. For those who have not undertaken energy efficiency measures, ‘lack of resource’ is the reason which has seen a sizeable increase on the quarterly average

View the full report here


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