Library of ‘content’ provides a core foundation for in-bound comms strategy


WEMS – a wireless building control systems manufacturer


WEMS opted to pursue a strategy of inbound marketing. This meant a bold move away from traditional forms of communication and a step towards digital modes of engagement.


WEMS collaborated with Content Coms to develop resources and content as part of its ‘inbound’ (or content marketing) strategy. Content included top-level guides, infographics and other resources.

To build up WEMS’s library of online content, the Content Coms team wrote more than twenty briefing documents on subjects relating to energy management. This included:

•    Legislation made simple

Guides to the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), Climate Change Agreements (CCAs), and the Electricity Demand Reduction (EDR) pilot scheme.

•    Sector briefings

Guides for schools, retailers, data centres, and the food and drink industry.

•    Market briefings

Guides to DUoS (Distribution Use of System) and Triad charges.


The WEMS website became a trusted resource for those keen to learn more about energy legislation and market drivers.

The guides & resources are now widely shared on social media and highly ranked by Google.

The library of content* has also proved to be a rich source of new sales leads. In order to download a guide, visitors must fill in an online form first. This data provides high-quality, targeted leads for the WEMS sales teams.

* The WEMS content library is now hosted on its sister-company’s website – you can visit it here.

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