Opinion-led PR has given leading lighting company a persuasive & respected voice


Tamlite Lighting – the UK’s second-largest private lighting company


As Tamlite moved into the projects and specification market, the time was right to change the perception of the company among potential customers.

This meant establishing Tamlite as an authority in the industry; a knowledgeable partner suitable for high-level lighting projects.


Content Coms created a media relations strategy for Tamlite, built around a series of ‘thought leader’ articles and opinion pieces.

Using our extensive lighting sector knowledge, the Content Coms team was able to research and write articles about pressing issues within the lighting industry.

The articles, by-lined to senior figures at Tamlite, articulated opinions, offered advice and engaged the reader on topics from the fast-moving LED arena; the importance of maintaining good light quality; and effective ways to achieve carbon reduction through lighting.

The articles were published in leading industry publications, including Total Lighting, EIBI (Energy In Buildings and Industry), Building 4 Education, University Business, and Warehouse and Logistics News.


Tamlite’s profile has been significantly raised amongst industry peers and potential customers. The articles have given Tamlite a persuasive ‘voice’ in the market and established the company as an excellent partner for large projects.

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