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Packaging Company Appoints Content Coms for SuperSonic SEO Campaign

Hot on the heels of the publication of the latest addition to our ‘Little Book’ series, The Content Coms Guide to SuperSonic SEO, Content Coms has been engaged by online sustainable packaging company Doran Packaging to provide results-driven SEO services.

The Devon-based family owned business specialises in selling packaging and twist handle coloured paper carrier bags both regionally and nationally.

For Doran Packaging, the objective of the campaign is to attract both a B2C and B2B audience. Ultimately it is hoped this will drive sales of its ranges of paper carriers, vest handle plastic carrier bags and brown Kraft paper bags.

The campaign will require Content Coms to deploy a range of SEO techniques to boost the company’s performance on all major search engines.

For Matt Hyde, Head of Digital here at Content HQ, the campaign will be a perfect example of our unique approach to SEO. “Doran Packaging is a West Country business sourcing and supplying packaging – as such it’s a competitive market and the ‘number one spot’ on Google is subject to tough competition.

We have devised a strategy that combines optimised content with finely tuned keyword targeting. We expect to see a rapid improvement in Doran’s search rankings over the next few weeks.”

Content Coms will also provide an ongoing package of keyword analysis and reporting. This includes analysing search trends on Google – looking for spikes in activity for particular key words plus the analysis of web traffic to the client’s website – and analysing which pages received the most hits.

“Continual analysis means we are able to revise our keyword strategy and fine tune it to the ever-changing search habits of consumers. Conversational and local search terms will be factored in too,” concludes Matt Hyde.

Interested? Find out more about our SuperSonic SEO strategies.

Find out more about our SuperSonic SEO strategies.

Content Coms’ supersonic SEO is helping Certified passivhaus consultants and building physics expert Greengauge and MEES Guidance firm Concept Energy score highly on Google. Contact us for a chat.

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