Content Coms client advises on opportunities for upgrading legacy in Modern Building Services

New technology is opening up new opportunities to retrofit outdated building-management systems with controls that can revolutionise energy practices within older buildings. Anders Norén, Managing Director at Priva Building Intelligence Ltd, discusses the possibilities in the new issue of Modern Building Services.

With new-build developments off the agenda, it seems that the route towards a low-carbon Britain hinges on cutting carbon emissions by transforming existing building stock. Government advisory body, The Carbon Trust, estimates that 60% of the buildings that will be standing in 2050 have already been built. What’s more, nearly half of these buildings were constructed before 1985, which is when the energy-efficiency requirements of Part L were introduced.

Low-carbon refurbishment, rather than ‘green’ works that start from scratch, has already found its place as a popular response to the downturn. Greater Government legislation, tightening emissions targets and the growing ubiquity of corporate social responsibility mean that carbon reduction cannot wait until brighter economic times.

Added insulation, energy-saving equipment, behavioural change campaigns and microgeneration of renewable energy have all gained recognition as carbon-cutting measures that can also reduce fuel bills.

However, what of the most aged, inefficient buildings, stunted by building-management systems (BMSs) installed many years ago that cannot adapt to modern energy practices?

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