We have published our Creative Climate Disclosure Report. What’s this you ask? Follow the link to find out more.

Content Coms launches Creative Climate Disclosure Report

Today, we are publishing our Content Coms Creative Climate Disclosure Report.

What’s this you ask? For the eagle-eyed amongst you, you’ll see that we signed up to the Creative Climate Disclosure Declaration about two and half months ago. This is an initiative led from within the creative communications industry to improve transparency and to highlight any climate conflicts. Other sectors are doing similar things.

In accordance with the reporting requirements – our 2018/18 Report (reporting data is in line with our financial year) offers a breakdown of…

  1. Where our sales turnover comes from
  2. What sizes of businesses we work with
  3. Sales turnover by carbon intensive sectors – we are pleased that only 4% of our turnover comes from a ‘carbon intensive industry’ – and, as our work for this particular client focuses on driving sustainability within this particular business, we feel very comfortable that we’re working for good / and driving positive change

Giving back

In addition to the standard reporting requirements, we have also used the Report to explain how we give back to society and the planet too.

As part of this – we’d like to share with you that we’re making a donation of 2% of last year’s net profits to the Woodland Trust as part of their (important) BIG CLIMATE FIGHTBACK campaign. We truly believe that mass-tree planting / and preservation of woodland areas is vitally important for the planet and for human wellbeing too.

Read our Report

Interested in finding out more? We’d love for you to read our Content Coms Creative Climate Disclosure and tell us what you think.

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