Content marketing company calls for green tech sector to take the lead in lead nurturing

Content Communications, a Bristol energy PR company, is calling for companies to take a more pro-active approach to managing and nurturing their sales leads.  IMG_9017

“Lead nurturing is the process of ‘warming up’ a prospective buyer, whose details have been collected during the marketing process, helping to propel them through the sales cycle – and come out with a sales win. Yet this is a process that’s notoriously overlooked by companies in the green-tech sector,” says Joanna Watchman, Managing Director of the B2B industry marketing company, Content Coms.

To aid organisations in turning leads into sales, energy PR agency Content Coms has produced a new 9-step guide. This easy-to-understand guide, which is available in the new Our Content section, explains how lead management works in practice and why a 9-step process can mean the difference between a slam-dunk of a sale and a near-miss.

“Nine steps might seem like seven or eight steps more than you’re used to devoting to managing sales leads,” comments Joanna Watchman. “But results tend to be hit-and-miss if you simply pass a lead straight on to the sales team. Instead, it’s advisable to take a more thoughtful, targeted approach. The lead nurturing process should involve understanding what your leads are looking for and then demonstrating how you can help them.”

Download now: The 9 steps for turning leads into sales


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