Content marketing specialist aids lighting firm with web leads

Bristol PR company, Content Communications, has boosted the online profile of its client, commercial lighting suppliers Greenlite Lighting Solutions, as part of a strategic programme of marketing.

Greenlite Lighting Solutions has developed a strong bond with Content Coms over the past year. This has proved to be a highly-successful collaboration that has driven traffic to Greenlite’s websites and increasedgreenlite logo web1 customer demand.

Andy Chell, Sales and Marketing Manager at the commercial LED lighting firm, says: “Working with a professional marketing agency has allowed us to get a fresh perspective on how we present our business – especially online. As LED retail lighting specialists, we help retailers to make their shop windows look as good as possible – and Content Coms has helped us to do much the same with our virtual shop window!”

Greenlite is a company with strong values – and a strong personality! – so it is really important that its websites and sales collateral reflect this business ethos. Content Coms, a specialist in technology marketing, helped Greenlite to rewrite its web copy and brochures, so that they now communicate ‘The Greenlite Experience’ and how it differs from the service provided by your average lighting supplier.

Content Coms has also put in place a highly-effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign, emphasising content-driven marketing. The results have proved self-evident. To cite just one example: a major high street fashion retailer easily found Greenlite’s website after Googling ‘lighting maintenance’. This prospect quickly became a client following a successful Greenlite pitch.

Andy Chell concludes: “The content marketing support of Content Coms has made it much easier for potential customers to find us in the first instance. Then it’s up to us to make sure we’re the right company for their business – which, all modesty aside, we usually are!”

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