Government research says Green Deal assessments proving ‘highly useful’

Green Deal assessments are proving ‘useful’ and are helping people make their homes more energy efficient, according to Government research, writes

The research, conducted between April 1 and June 30 2013, found that from 500 households that had a Green Deal assessment, 81% have already, are in the process of or intend to install at least one energy efficiency home improvement.

From those surveyed, it found that 56% have already installed at least one measure, a further 6% are in the process of having instalments, and 19% said they intend to have something installed.

According to the Government, the Green Deal assessments experience “continues to be positive”, with 78% of people saying their Green Deal assessment was “highly useful”.

It also found that 82% of people had confidence in the recommendations made by their assessor, and 72% of people said they would recommend a Green Deal assessment to friends and family.

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