Introducing The Content Coms Little Book of Knowledge

Bristol-based content-marketing specialist – Content Coms – is excited to announce the publication of its brand new e-book, The Content Coms Little Book of Knowledge.

Co-written by Joanna Watchman and Chris Bilko, and designed by leading brand consultant Mike Garlick the new e-book clearly defines the Content Coms approach, which is at times radically different to the standard B2B marketing model.

CONTENTCOMS_WEB_768x768_APPROACH_LITTLEBOOK“The internet has completely changed the way our clients’ prospects consume information,” comments Joanna Watchman, e-book co-author and Content Coms Managing Director.

“Continuing to deliver results requires a new way of thinking. The Little Book of Knowledge outlines this new way of thinking in seven easily digestible chunks. It essentially captures our core philosophy, which revolves around a simple premise: Think about what your customers want to know. Not what you want to say.”

The approach Joanna alludes to is covered in the e-book in full, but revolves around brands “taking back control” and “becoming publishers [of their own online content]” to answer potential customers’ pertinent questions. Doing so allows B2Bs to build direct relationships with their prospects – which can lead to some truly remarkable results.

Interestingly enough, the search engine giant Google released its latest TV ad whilst the e-book was still in production. Simply titled Questions, the ad focuses heavily on Google’s ability to answer questions – an almost immediate authentication of the Content Coms approach.

To read a copy of The Content Coms Little Book of Knowledge – click here.

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