Onsite renewable generation to meet 14 per cent of UK’s energy needs by 2030

Onsite renewable and low carbon energy generation – also known as decentralised energy – will contribute 14 per cent of the UK’s energy needs by 2030 and save businesses that invest in it tens of billions of pounds, a new report has found, writes Greenwise Business.

Decentralised electricity and heat generated from technologies such as combined heat and power (CHP), anaerobic digestion (AD) wind and solar, will grow by 130 per cent and save UK businesses £33 billion between 2010 and 2030, according to the study carried out by Verdantix for specialist energy consultancy Utilyx.

The report, ‘Coming of Age – Decentralised Energy?’ looks at six decentralised energy technologies – solar, wind, waste to energy, CHP, AD and tri-generation (the simultaneous creation of cooling, heat and power).

It forecasts they will grow from eight gigawatts (GW) in 2011 (representing nine per cent of UK’s total generating capacity) to 17 GW in 2030 (representing 14 per cent of all UK generation capacity).

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