Small investors raise nearly £500m for UK green energy and environmental projects

The number of small investors in Britain putting their money into environmental and green energy projects is growing rapidly with the market now valued at almost £500 million, according to a new report, writes Greenwise Business.

Over one million investments – mainly between £100 and £500 – have helped raise a total of £1.6 billion for businesses that ‘do good’ and offer a financial return in the UK, according to Ethex, the new online exchange for positive investments.
Its report, ‘Positive Investment in the United Kingdom’, reveals that the lion’s share of those investment and savings are being made via credit unions (£762 million) and the ethical bank Triodos (£529 million). But environmental and green energy investments now account for almost a third (£451 million) of all ‘positive’ investments, with community renewables making up a small but growing share of the market (£30 million).

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