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Content Coms specialises in digital marketing, brand messaging and creative content for sustainability-conscious lifestyle brands.

Today’s consumers have never been more environmentally-aware. In fact, with every generation, the quest for sustainability strengthens. According to 73% of the Millennial generation is willing to pay more for sustainable goods.

If want to future-proof your connection with customers, you need to ‘think planet’. Whether you’re an established lifestyle brand that wants to tell its story through an eco-conscious prism, or you’re a start-up that needs to position its message in a sustainable light, let’s talk. We’ll steer you clear of platitudes and green-wash, with a proven, no-nonsense approach to every campaign.

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Meet our lifestyle expert

Sam Julyan, expert in market analysis & strategy PPC campaigns customer profiling lead generation lead nurturing

Account Manager (Digital)

Sam takes the lead on the deployment and management of our growing portfolio of content-led, multi-channel digital campaigns for our lifestyle clients.

A keen sportsman, Sam is never happier than when he’s driven by clear goals and KPIs. His client portfolio includes a broad range of sustainable lifestyle brands on both sides of the Atlantic. 

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