Technology marketing company says latest energy funding provides useful conversation opener for its clients

Content Communications, a content marketing agency, says the latest round of Salix funding aimed at community and foundation Special Schools will act as a valuable catalyst for the uptake of energy-efficient technologies.

3915590_mlThe new Salix fund, which has been designed to tackle energy waste and inefficiency in energy-intensive Special Schools, was launched in December 2014. Schools can apply for a portion of the fund through the Salix website until Friday 20th March.

As a specialist in low-carbon technology marketing, Content Coms has shared news of the fund with its clients who, in turn, are using it to stimulate sales by informing their own customers of the benefits of applying for the scheme.

Sarah Rudston, a writer and researcher at the energy PR agency, says: “This latest round of Salix funding is exactly what is needed to help Special Schools to make energy-saving upgrades to their premises.  It is hard work keeping up to speed with the latest news in the low-carbon sector, which is why we try and ‘add value’ by sharing such insights as and when we find them. There is no doubt this news will act as a valuable conversation-opener for our clients and their customers.”

As energy sector specialists, Content Coms believes it is important to us to keep its finger on the pulse and help its clients to spot opportunities and turn leads into sales. Sarah Rudston adds: “By staying up to date with all the latest industry news, we can ensure that no opportunities fall through the net and our clients are kept informed of new market-shaping schemes at all times.”

For more information on the Salix Fund for Special Schools – click here. And, to find out how Content Coms can help you turn market intelligence into sales opportunities, take a look at our case studies page.

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