Technology PR firm gives inside scoop on LuxLive 2012

Content Communications’ Senior Environmental Writer, Nicola Martin gives her impressions of LuxLive 2012, the UK’s most comprehensive lighting exhibition.

luxlive2012LuxLive was packed with visitors on its first show day. In fact, it may have been busiest trade show I’ve been to all year. The quality of the seminars was also high. With three seminar rooms and a live forum, there was plenty of space for in-depth discussion.

Though topics ranged from retail lighting to street lighting, a few key talking points emerged:

LED lighting: mixed reactions

LEDs were everywhere on display at LuxLive, but in the seminars, enthusiasm was still mixed with wariness.

  • Lumen depreciation was still identified as the big problem with LED. However, the increasing number of guarantees offered by manufacturers seeks to address this.

Finding the balance between energy savings and other considerations

While being green was a hot topic at LuxLive, many speakers called for greater consideration of other factors in lighting, including design and well-being.

  • The importance of good design was emphasised in the ‘Do LEDs Pay in Retail?’ panel. A central question was raised: LEDs may last for 20 years, but are you still going to like the look of the lighting in 20 years?

The Green Deal: questions remain

Graham Lewis of Osram and John Gorse of Philips co-chaired a useful panel on the Green Deal, but both speakers identified the fact that the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) remains very vague on Green Deal details.

  • 28th January 2013 will be the start date for not just the domestic side of the Green Deal but also the non-domestic side. However, with Christmas falling between now and then, the seminar speakers pointed out that DECC still has a lot of work to do.

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