The Energy Event 2012 reveals the ‘three big lies’ of energy policy

Barry Gardiner, Labour MP for Brent North, addressed delegates at this year’s Energy Event at the Birmingham NEC, outlining the ‘three big lies’ that underpin energy policy.

According to Mr Gardiner, who sits on the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee, these ‘three big lies’, which the government wants the public to believe, are:

  1. Energy prices are going to decrease.
  2. Nuclear power stations can be built without public subsidy.
  3. The government is equally committed to all types of alternative energy.

However, Mr Gardiner argued that:

  1. Energy prices are going to increase, perhaps dramatically.
  2. Nuclear power stations cannot be built without public subsidy.
  3. The government is biased towards nuclear energy.

Nicola Martin, Senior Copywriter for Content Communications, comments: “Barry Gardiner’s seminar at The Energy Event provided an interesting perspective on government policy. Many in the energy industry have long been anticipating sharp and sustained price rises. Perhaps if there was greater transparency from the government on this issue, then there would be greater appetite for investing in the low-carbon technologies that have been proven to reduce energy consumption – and will save organisations money in the long run.”

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