Bristol marketing company in BBC feature story

Managing Director of Content Communications, Joanna Watchman, has been interviewed by the BBC for an article on low-carbon business.

joanna01The article, Bristol businesses ‘saving the planet to save cash’, explores the ways in which SMEs in Bristol are choosing to cut their carbon emissions not just for environmental reasons, but also as a strategy to reduce costs.

Joanna Watchman, an expert in technology marketing, spoke to BBC journalist Rhiannon Beacham about the important role of finance in low-carbon business.

“Smart companies are saying ‘not only will we provide the product, we’ll provide access to finance’,” Ms Watchman told the BBC. “My view is it’s not really about the green thing. At board room level, shareholder level, companies like to be seen to be green. However, when it comes down to it, people need to run a business more efficiently and the biggest costs are usually premises, staff and energy.”

Read the full article at the BBC website

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