Energy marketing specialist comments on changes to EPCs

It has been announced that all large commercial buildings that are open to the public must display their Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), or face fines of up to £1000.

This new rule, introduced by the Department of Communities and Local Government in December and brought into force this month, is designed to raise public awareness about energy efficiency and stop inefficient properties hiding poor ratings. Property owners must also make their advisory report, containing recommendations to improve the energy performance of the building, easily accessible.

CAny private commercial building that is larger than 500 metres squared and open to the public will be required to display an EPC. This includes large department stores, restaurants, concert halls and railway stations. Private buildings will not be affected. Content Communications, a technology marketing company, sees this new rule as a positive move.

Nicola Martin, the Bristol PR firm’s Senior Environmental Writer, says: “The industry has long called for Display Energy Certificates to be rolled out to commercial buildings, and this unexpected policy development seems to be a step in the right direction. Making energy use transparent in all of the UK’s public buildings has real potential to drive down emissions.”

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