Bristol PR firm comments on effective solar energy marketing

Climate Change Minister Greg Barker has stated, in a speech at the launch of a new national solar centre, that the marketing of solar technologies needs to be improved.

Barker predicts that there will be a surge in solar installations over the next few years as the cost of the technology falls. He warns, however, that the sector can only reach its full potential if the Government and the industry ensure that they “get the message out there that solar is now on a firm footing to build deployment and a ‘go-to’ solution for energy generation.”

solarContent Communications, an energy marketing specialist, welcomes the Minister’s conclusions as it works to help renewable energy companies effectively communicate the benefits of solar and renewable energy technologies.

Joanna Watchman, Managing Director of the technology PR and marketing firm, comments: “Solar technologies offer low-cost and low-carbon energy, but businesses and householders alike have been confused by the changes to the industry over the last few years.

She adds: “In order to create significant uptake, there needs to be a concerted drive by the industry and Government to clearly communicate why solar energy is so important.”

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