Energy marketing firm comments on abandoned energy efficiency proposal

A plan to make property owners install energy-efficiency measures during renovations has been shelved, it was revealed last week.

This proposal was designed increase the uptake of insulation and energy efficiency technologies under the Government’s Green Deal, which offers a way for householders and businesses to ‘green’ their properties at no up-front cost, with loan repayments paid for by the resulting cost savings.

GThe Government, however, has abandoned the proposal, citing Energy Saving Trust (EST) research that showed that one-third of people would be put off making home improvements if the measure was introduced. Content Communications, a technology marketing specialist, states that the benefits of energy-efficiency measures need to be better communicated to the public.

Joanna Watchman, Managing Director of the Bristol PR company, Content Coms, comments: “The EST research also showed that once the Green Deal had been explained to people, support for the proposal rose to 76%.”

She adds: “The long-term benefits of this measure could have been significant in terms of energy reduction and benefited the economy by more than £1bn – it is a shame that the Government has not followed through on its plans.”

Content Coms
Content Coms
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