Environmental PR firm celebrates growing importance of sustainability leaders

A leading independent analyst firm has found that sustainability leaders are being given more authority and responsibility in high revenue firms.

Over 250 sustainability managers were polled from firms with revenues between $250m and $20bn. More than 90% of respondents said they report directly to their company CEO (or other member of the executive committee), while overall spending on sustainability has also increased.
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The survey also found that the number of CEOs who thought that sustainability issues affected their bottom line has increased by one third to 28%. As a B2B industry marketing specialist, Content Communications has long seen the growth of sustainability as a major business concern – and market driver.

Joanna Watchman, Managing Director at the low carbon PR firm, says: “Sustainability isn’t just a ‘buzzword’. More organisations are taking it seriously and understand that investing in sustainable business practices now is saving them money and making them more resilient in the long term.”

She adds: “This provides an unparalleled opportunity for firms specialising in low-carbon goods and services. Our experience with environmental PR has demonstrated that it’s vital to use tools, like tailored content marketing, to distinguish offerings among growing chatter!”

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