Salix Launches New £5M Energy Fund for FE Colleges

In partnership with the EAUC and supported by the AoC, Salix has announced the release of £5 million of funding for energy efficiency and carbon reduction projects in Further Education (FE) colleges in England, Scotland and Wales.

17365626_l highThe funding is intended to act as a further catalyst for investment in energy efficiency technologies which will reduce carbon emissions and create financial savings.

Since 2004 Salix has funded over £31 million of energy efficiency projects in 201 FE colleges in England, Scotland and Wales. This has saved the sector approximately £81 million over the lifetime of the projects. The most popular spend on technologies in these FE Colleges has been on boiler upgrades, followed by conventional fluorescent lighting upgrades, building fabric insulation and improvements to heating and hot water distribution.

Programme Eligibility

Any FE College who receives a majority of their income directly from the public sector can apply for funding

Project Compliance Criteria

  •     A maximum 5 year payback period
  •     Less than £100 per tonne of CO2 over the lifetime of the project
  •     Projects over £100,000 require a Salix Business Case

The loan will be paid back to Salix directly by direct debit on a 6 monthly basis over a period of 4 years. To download a full copy of the FE college application notes, please click here.

Programme Timelines

Applications must be submitted by noon on Friday 30th January 2015 and funding will be awarded at the end of February 2015. Projects are typically allowed a 9 month completion timeframe from the commitment date.

Early applications are welcome and interested FE colleges are encouraged to submit early expressions of interest to Salix on intentions to apply.

Read more about salix for schools and energy efficiency funding

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