Solar PR agency encouraged by reduction of UK carbon emissions

The latest Department of Energy and Climate Change data has revealed that the UK’s carbon emissions fell by more than 9% in 2014.

8411793_lAnalysis of this data by the Carbon Brief has found that this is the largest year-on-year decrease since 1880 for a year with a growing economy. There was, however, a larger carbon reduction in 2009 when GDP was falling.

This drop has been attributed to a 20% fall in coal use and record warm temperatures, as well as continued energy savings.  Content Communications, an environmental marketing specialist, is pleased to see this decline in emission levels and anticipates further reductions.

Joanna Watchman, Managing Director at the content marketing firm in Bristol, says: “It’s encouraging to see such significant carbon savings, especially in a year with a growing economy. This suggests it is not just down to people trying to save money.”

She adds: “While there is still so much more to be done to meet future carbon targets, we are hopeful for the future.  As an expert in energy marketing and solar PR, we expect to see the demand for energy-efficient technologies continue to surge as people recognise the environmental and financial benefits.”

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