Technology PR firm highlights advantages of entering award schemes

Content Communications, a green technology PR firm, believes that award schemes are being overlooked as a way to raise a company’s profile and boost morale.

conference01“Entering an award scheme can feel like hard work – it typically involves filling in long forms and compiling a huge amount of company information. For this reason, many organisations simply don’t bother,” comments Joanna Watchman, Managing Director of the Bristol PR company, Content Coms.

“This is a missed opportunity,” she says. “Being shortlisted for an award – or winning it – not only means a raft of free publicity, it can also be a huge morale boost for staff and partners.

Content Coms, a specialist in engineering marketing, works with its clients in a number of ways to raise their profile. It has found that one of the most efficient ways to do this is through national, regional and industry awards.organisations, representing a high level of validation from industry peers.”

“Since 2009, we have worked with Priva UK – an automated building controls and energy saving in hotels firm – every year to enter the BCIA Awards, achieving a phenomenal level of wins, both for Priva and its partner organisations,” says Joanna. “This year, both Priva and another of our energy management clients, WEMS, were shortlisted in the BCIA Awards. WEMS has previously enjoyed significant publicity as a result of being listed on The Sunday Times Tech Track 100.”

With its strong track record of getting clients to final stages and winning awards, Content Coms understands what makes a good award entry. The Content Coms team helps its clients to carefully sculpt their entries, using its industry knowledge to ensure every part meets the award scheme criteria.

“You need to be very precise in the way you write an award entry,” cautions Joanna. “It has to grab attention and demonstrate exactly what makes your business stand out from the crowd. I’ve sat on judging panels for industry awards, so I’m well aware of what impresses the judges – and what falls flat.”

“Award schemes may not seem like an obvious part of a marketing campaign, but it’s a mistake to overlook them,” she says. “They represent a real opportunity for growing your reputation in the market.”


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