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The story of a sustainable building

We Built This For Ingvar is a beautiful, hardback book which celebrates the contributions made by the many hundreds of men and women who have worked on a landmark project for IKEA.

This is the third in a series of We Built This books written and produced by Content Coms for Norstead Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Ltd, part of the Metnor Group.

Named for IKEA’s founder Ingvar Kamprad who passed away in 2018, the book tells the story of Norstead’s involvement in this incredible 32,000sqm store. A beacon of sustainability, it sets an example to other retailers; solar panels, rainwater treatment, grey-water recycling and a sensory wildlife garden are just part of its eco-commitments.

In fact, the store’s sustainability credentials have resulted in the ultimate accolade: BREEAM Outstanding status.

David Hellmuth, Contract Manager at Norstead Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Ltd says: “This series of books perfectly captures the story of our flagship projects and sets out Norstead’s commitment to excellence. That these books are also proving to be powerful sales collateral for us is an added bonus.”

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